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Why Surfing Makes You More Productive, Happier and Healthier In Your Life & Business

When you’re working in job that you do not enjoy it isn’t the most inspirational place to be is it? You can feel trapped in the rat race because you need to work to earn money. Sometimes it’s worse when you run your own business too as there isn’t anyone else to run it for you and you can feel guilty about not getting stuff done.

Usually you’re too involved in solving the current problems and it’s whilst you are under this constant pressure it’s impossible to get creative and inspirational.
I’ve been going through some self development in the last few years and I came across a brilliant philosopher called Jim Rohn. One of his famous sayings is

“Reasons come first… answers come second.”

There is another saying that surfers always say and that is “Only A Surfer Knows The Feeling” and there isn’t just one reason but many. Below are some of my favourite posts I have written and probably most common reasons why surfing is good for you and why it’s the place I get my inspiration from.

Surfing Makes You Happy

Being "Stoked" is a scientifically proved phenomenon that is created from the soup of chemicals created to reward you when you're successful or having fun. Your brain is instinctively and continually encouraging you to seek out pleasure and so why not feed it. As...

Give Your Brain A Rest

More and more people are building their own business and I can't blame them as there has never been a better time to do so. The tools and technology level the playing field but they can also have a negative side effect too. Australian work life is getting more and...

You Need To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

With out regular breaks and fun we all become too boring and tired. The best way is to get out of your comfort zone and have some excitement and Surfing is perfect for this! Depending on the size of the waves and your fitness you are going to be tested. Surfing is...