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What Makes Surfing So Addictive?


Surfing forces us to be present in the here and now. By staying present in each moment, you are able to focus on enjoying the surfing experience. Just like in life this can very powerful. Surfing doesn’t let you get ahead of yourself.


The brain releases dopamine in anticipation of a swell coming in, or when we think about the next time we’ll get a chance to catch waves. Dopamine is addictive, which causes us to obsessively think about when that next reward of fun waves will be delivered.


During and after surfing we’re happier, friendlier and more relaxed. The endorphins, adrenalin and serotonin we receive from surfing combined with the dopamine from the unexpected reward of waves make surfers not only feel good, but wanting more.

FREE EBOOK - How To Buy Your First Surfboard

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