Ep #1 Darren Finklestein

by Lee Young | Podcast

Well I’ve finally done it. My very 1st SurfPeople podcast. The SurfPeople podcast is all about surfing and living a fun, balanced lifestyle. I interview cool (surf)-people who live a successful balanced life and love surfing. I give you tips on how to change your way of thinking to achieve great things. I talk to pro surfers, everyday surfers, surfer mums and dads, high achievers and people who have attributed surfing to living out their dreams.


To kick things off I have been lucky and feel very privileged to speak to Darren Finkelstein AKA ‘The Boat Guy’ Darren is a professional speaker, author and successful entrepreneur. What Darren does really well is keep the perfect work/ life balance. He has a passion for surfing that he always makes sure he time to do. Surfing with his son is one of his favourite past times outside of boating. He is always in the media promoting himself and his business. He is a mad keen boat enthusiast and has written two award winning books, Honey Lets Buy A Boat & Honey Lets Go Boating. You can buy them from his website Darren Finkelstein.com. If you’re think about buying a boat you should check out St. Kilda Boat Sales.


In the podcast Darren tells us how he was lucky enough to a few famous people and who he has a man crush on. (I’ll give you a clue: He’s been the world champ more times that you’ve had hot dinners) Please don’t forget to leave feedback on the iTunes store! Thank You and enjoy.

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