Craig-Parry Ocean Photographer and surfer

Let me introduce you to Craig Parry. He’s an amazing photographer and keen surfer. I have been lucky enough to talk to him about his photography and surfing adventures. Craig is completely self taught which the seeds of his professional photography were well planted when he was just 5 years old. In 2014 he was awarded ‘The International Landscape Photo Of The Year’. From there he has created several masterworks called:

  • Life & Death
  • Emergence
  • Dolphin Silk

Craig takes us on his journey around the world and tells us the best way to get into surf photography is start with a Go-pro. From Byron Bay to Tonga Craig’s images are truly amazing and I promise you will never get board of them. A visit to Craig’s website is a must – but I must warn you, prepare to be amazed. This is my second podcast and I already feel as though I’m getting the bug. To be honest writing blogs can be a bit tedious so when I discovered that I can have my own show, where I can talk about surfing I was instantly interested. Here’s to the future SurfPeople Podcasts.

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