Christo Hall was a professional surfer from 1998 right up to 2005 when he hung up his wetsuit and went in search of a career that allowed him to live a surfing lifestyle. Surfing has taken him around the world where he has gained some brilliant experiences and shares a story or two in the podcast. Today Christo surfs every single day and runs the highly successful marketing business called Basic Bananas.

In this episode we talk about a few tips that help us plan our business, life and more importantly our surfs. Christo talks about his life as a pro surfer and how he used to stay focussed. We both agree that when we are surfing we are at are most creative. Christo and his wife Franziska have a little girl (that’s not so little) that helps them feel good and full of gratitude, but I’ll let him explain that in the podcast. To end off Christo gives us some brilliant tips on how to ensure how your business can keep on growing whilst you go surfing. If you want to see more on how Christo does this himself and how he helps others visit his Basic Bananas isn’t your ordinary boring marketing company they’re a cut above everyone else and I highly recommend to attend one of their Blast Off sessions. Bananas About Marketing is his book and it’s worth every cent of the $9.99.

Buy hard copy from The Basic Bananas website or the kindle version from amazon. Bananas About Marketing