Any one that owns a business knows how hard it is and how many hours you have to put in. You’re not making much money but you still have to do the hard yards. Having a rest is just as important as working hard and my guest for this episode knows all about hard work. Glen Carlson is the CEO of Key Person Of Influence and you don’t become one of Australia’s fastest growing companies without putting in some solid effort.

I caught up with Glen just after he had returned from a holiday with his Dad and we discuss amongst other stuff the importance of taking regular breaks and why it’s so popular to start your own business at the moment. Check out his website it’s brilliant. I also recommend you attend one of their Business Brand Accelerator days at a city near you. This episode of my podcast is long over due, but that is mainly because I have been closing down my surf shop in Lennox Head. You can read about the reasons why in my post ” Why A SurfShop Wasn’t For Me!”