Now living in Hawaii Alison was raised by her parents travelling around the world. Her Father is a world renowned adventure photographer and mum is naturalist and internationally acclaimed yoga devotee.

Alison herself is an international recognised film maker and you can check the all out on her website

Alison has an unwavering love of the ocean where surfing fuels her soul and so, she likes to spend as much time surfing as possible. Although her travels quite often take her far away from the ocean.

Alison’s Adventures is where she travels to ancient cultures to discover and share with the world global secrets of survival, sustainability, health and happiness through her comedic and inspirational film and blog series, not forgetting her pink surfboard.

She has starred in many TV programs including National Geographic’s ‘Naked & Afraid’

Alison has an unique view on life and relies on her Trust Fund. This isn’t a financial fund but where she relies on the universe to deliver on what she has set out to do.

I hear you saying “where can I find Alison Teal?”

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