James Schramko - Surfer and Online Coach

James Schramko – Surfer and Online Coach

I was super excited to have James on SurfPeople Podcast today and I’m even more excited to share it with you. I thought my last episode with Alison Teal was good (and it was epic) but this is just as exciting.

He learnt to surf in Hawaii which is very exciting but probably not the best place for a newbie to get his hair wet. Once he caught his first wave he was hooked.

James became a complete student of the sport and studied everything from Surfboards to the complete history.

What he is finding as most surfers do, no matter their level,  surfing becomes an activity that helps them relax and refocus.

Contrary to popular belief James doesn’t actually work 10,000 hours week as his business model tightly packaged up so that his team operates efficiently to meet his goals.

Which means that he always allocates time to be able to get his fix of a daily surf. In fact on his website you can join his community and he will teach you how you can do it too.

Surfing is that important to him that if the waves are up and the wind and tides align he will re-schedule some of his activities to ensure he can go surfing. This isn’t unusual in the surfing community and I can prove it. Next time the surf is good try calling a tradie in Byron Bay or the Gold Coast!

If you want to find them all you have to do is go the car park at Lennox Head or Snapper Rocks where they will be partaking in some R & R.

I hope you enjoy this Episode and you can find James online here: www.superfastbusiness.com

Super Fast Business on Itunes.

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