Franziska Iseli
In this episode I talk to Franziska Iseli on how she uses surfing in her life to “Be Awesome.” I love the saying “Be Awesome” so much I may even use as SurfPeople’s mantra. Franziska is a woman of many talents and loves building new business and helping others to grown their own. She is married to Christo Hall who was in episode number 3, so there is no doubt that surfing and the ocean is at the core of everything they do. I really love her attitude towards life and thinks that passion is good, but it can be dangerous to try to eek out a living from your passion. So she recommends that always follow your passion but if you are in a job that sucks try to apply passion to certain aspects of the job. If, after that you’re are still not happy maybe then you should look at some alternatives.

She operates and creates content for her Ocean Lovers website which started as a social experiment and she talks about to spend $5 a day to build the “Ocean Lovers” community.

Franziska loves the Maldives (so do I) because living on boat where all your food and travel is sorted your left with the task of just surfing and relaxing.

Living A Successful Life Formular

I believe(d) that there are 3 key elements to living a full and successful life:

  • Live with passion,
  • try hard to overcome your fears,
  • and take massive action.

Franziska suggested another element that I have no hesitation adding to my list. The forth one is

  • Trust (In yourself & others)

This is a great episode and I hope you enjoy it.

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