resting watching the surfMore and more people are building their own business and I can’t blame them as there has never been a better time to do so. The tools and technology level the playing field but they can also have a negative side effect too. Australian work life is getting more and more hectic and competitive.

Brain flooding is a real thing and more and more entrepreneurs struggle with it. It’s when you are flooded with data in the form of phone calls, emails, txt messages and the forever hungry social media platforms. We can only take in so much at a time and quite often our brains are flooded to the max.

But knowing that you’re going for a surf or you are planning a surf trip stimulates your senses and slows you down. Surfing demands that you are in the present and diverts and stalls the rush of brain flooding.

Research has shown that the benefits of emotional stability and the mental relaxation process after a great surf session will reposition you back at the top of your game.

Your brain will be buzzing and you will be on a motivational high when you get back, giving you an edge that your competitors should be concerned about.