Even Ke11y can’t escape it. (photo: Lee Young)

What is Surfers Ear?

When you want to know how to avoid surfers ear you should understand what it is. Surfer’s Ear is also known as Exostosis to the ear and means that there is new bone growth on the surface of existing bone. In this case across the ear canal. It is caused by prolonged and consistent exposure to cold water and wind. It’s always best to prevent with SurfEars rather than deal with later, read on!

Surfer’s Ear cannot be left untreated as it will never get better if left alone!

Surfer’s ear is most common in the right ear for people who drive on the left hand side of the road, because that’ the ear closest to the open window.

Younger surfers tend not to suffer from it but as you get older and you are not mindful of it, it’s pretty much guaranteed that some day your ears will become blocked.

I started surfing in the cold waters of the UK, Cornwall and since moving to Australia I have always had problems with water being blocked. My wife use to think it was quite funny to see laid on my side watching TV whilst trying to manoeuvre the water out. It was very uncomfortable and if the water never came out this lead to infections and lots of time NOT surfing! It got so bad that I had to succumb to the knife and had the operation to chisel out the bone growth. I had some photos of it somewhere but I’ve mislaid them but I remember the operation was too painful it was the lead up and recover time. The cost was very expensive too.

How To Avoid Surfers ear

SurfEars And SurfEars 2.0

Surfer’s Ear kept my from the surf for about 8 weeks and thats a long time for someone whose whole passion is surfing.

Surfer’s Ear Symptoms

  1. Water trapped
  2. Decreased hearing sensitivity
  3. Ear infections

How To Avoid Surfers Ear

  1. Avoid cold water (hard to do for surfers)
  2. Wear Ear Plugs – Surfears are perfect.
  3. Get regular check ups

Really and truly there is only one way to avoid surfer’s ear and that is to use Surfears.

I’ve been using the old SurfEars for about 5 years and finally they have started to wear out, so I’ve just upgraded to the SurfEars 2.0. Here is my review of the old and new SurfEars.

SurfPeople Review Of The SurfEars

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