Risk V RewardApart from a lucky few many of us are taught to be afraid whilst growing up. Always being told “no” and not to take risks. But as entrepreneurs we do the exact opposite. For some of us this takes years to realise and it’s a path that can really take it’s toll on you. It can affect your inner confidence and create a mediocre lifestyle (if you let it?)

As I wrote in my post about the comparison of surfing and normal life I have realised that as an entrepreneur, Surfing is an amazing guide that every time you fall down, you MUST get back up. In surfing it is expected and part of the process that you will fall off. This is 100% guaranteed every time you go surfing. This consistent act of falling off instils into us that we should be ok with risk and failure. In fact we have to embrace it if we want to learn how to surf. Eventually it becomes second nature to us we get to realise that failure leads to success. Through the process of improving, you manage to surf a little longer and little better each time.

As entrepreneurs we quite often come up against rejection and negativity where we have to draw on our inner strength to keep on going. We don’t really ignore these signals we use them to our advantage by adjusting and learning, we keep on getting back up.