Maldives Surfing

Maldives Sun Rise Surfing

My surfing podcast has stalled for the last 9 months and that’s not cool. In fact my whole online presence suffered so much from the loss of my surf shop in Lennox Head that my Surfing Lifestyle website was taken down. This had a significant effect on my mental (and physical) health. I had closed my surf shop in Lennox Head which was very stressful and to this day I’m still reeling in the negativity this had on me.

I attempted to open up another business in the electrical supply industry but due to having no cash flow and a constant drain on what little money I did have, the new business didn’t get off the ground. This was all very depressing and sent me into a downward spiral.

When I look back it wasn’t that bad but the days I couldn’t get out of bed felt pretty low to me. During the surf shop days I had booked and paid for a surf trip to the Maldives. I really wasn’t in the mindset to go but my wife, son and daughter insisted that I went as it would help clear my head.

Well they were absolutely correct, the warm climate and tropical waves ignited a flame inside. The waves were pretty much classic and all but one day I had two or three surfs.

A few of the mornings we were in the line by 5am. It was practically too dark to surf but being in the line up watching the sun come up over a tropical island was something very special and I highly recommend this to anyone.

I’d surf for an hour or two then retreat to the surf boat for some breakfast. If heaven was real then I believe this would be it.

In between surfs I would read and listen to podcasts, sleep and I even tried a bit of meditation. In fact the book I read was “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. This book is amazing and absolutely loaded with brilliant advice. It’s safe to say that it probably has changed my world.

It was during the time in between surfing perfect tropical waves that I realised that I need to snap out of the rut I was getting into.

I’m not sure if you like Oprah Winfrey but she says:

“Surround Yourself With People Who Are Only Going To Lift You Higher. Life Is Already Filled With Those Who Want To Bring You Down.”

What better way to way that than a Surfing podcast. So I promised myself that when I got home I would re-launch my podcast again. Then I thought, why wait to start inviting guests?

James Schramko - Surfer and Online Coach

James Schramko – Surfer and Online Coach

On the Surf Boat One of the podcasts I listened to was James Schramko – Super Fast Business.  James is a keen surfer and a very successful business man. Taking advantage of modern day technology I reached out to James via Facebook and he gladly accepted my invite to be on my podcast.

So here I am a new man and ready to take on the world. Check out my freshly updated Surfing Podcast.

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