Surfing is Like Entrepreneurship, Its Spiritual!

For those that are not surfers will not understand that Surfing is very much a spiritual experience. I was lucky enough to start surfing at the age of 17 when I still wasn’t sure what path I was going to take. But, I’m so glad that I started surfing and now, being a middle aged man I totally get the true benefits. At the age of 17 I never realised what I had gotten myself into and the act of paddling out into the ocean, being at her mercy with all the elements doing what they do best, the sharks, rain, wind and sun and everything else she has to offer is truly being at one with nature. We put our trust in Mother Nature’s hand every time we enter the surf.

Being an Entrepreneur has the same exciting spiritual power where it requires you to remain focussed and disciplined. You also have to be confident in yourself and trust the process. As in surfing there are days when you just don’t know what to do or how you are going to manage and this is where you need to remain strong, determined and believe in yourself with vigour and commitment. By consistently turningĀ up with passion a trust success will come to you.

Just like in surfing when you are surfing waves bigger than you are use to, you have to dig deep, commit and just go, trusting that everything will work out.

So there you have it; Surfing and Entrepreneurship are very much alike and there is nothing more rewarding.

So Get Up And Go For It!