Being “Stoked” is a scientifically proved phenomenon that is created from the soup of chemicals created to reward you when you’re successful or having fun. Your brain is instinctively and continually encouraging you to seek out pleasure and so why not feed it. As before Surfing fits the requests perfectly.

Surfing hacks you into these “Happy Neurochemicals” you can take control. By understanding how these chemicals originate and function, you can work experiences into your daily life to increase them which can up your happiness, productivity, and peace of mind.


Dopamine is the driving force that makes you take action to seek reward. This could be any goals but it’s the anticipation of success is what triggers dopamine causing your brain to release the energy you need to take action. Then you get another hit of dopamine pleasure when you are successful.

Surfing is a great way to release Dopamine because you can create an ongoing series of successes which will keep the Dopamine flowing. Embracing a new goal or trying out new surfing moves, (even learning to surf) must be tried and celebrated so you can embrace Dopamine.

To avoid letting your dopamine lag, set new goals before achieving your current one. The repetition of pursuing a good-for-you reward will build a new dopamine pathway in your brain until it’s robust enough to compete with a dopamine habit that you’re better off without.


If you are feeling happy or stoked after a Great Surf you have Serotonin to blame. It controls your overall mood including if you are in a bad mood. It’s a confidence chemical that flows when you are successful.

After a surf or just a swim in the ocean you’ll noticed that you feel good. You put it down to catching some great waves or doing some exercise but in reality it’s about your skin absorbing UV rays. Not too much though! Being in the sun promotes vitamin D and serotonin production. Serotonin is believed to play a role in mental illness and disease which backs up the theory that surfing can be used a a form of de-stressing.


Endorphins have the ability to mask pain or discomfort, and are associated with the fight or flight response. Endorphins give you the oomph to help you power through any situation.

Endorphins are produced during strenuous physical exertion, and there’s plenty of that during a surf session. Even laughing and smiling also cause you to release endorphins because both of these agitate your insides, causing moderate wear and tear and moderate endorphin flow. Studies have shown that just the anticipation and expectation of laugher increases levels of endorphins.

So when you understand what’s going on in your brain you can use surfing to help you feel happy and live and work to your best ability.

Quick Tip:

Eat porridge for breakfast and go for a surf before work works every single time.