Surfing + Life = Pure Fun And An Inspiration Of Passion.

Surfing Inspiration

You will be forgiven to think that the title of this post “The Parallels Of A Surfing Lifestyle” is a bit cliche, and I suppose it is?

But I realised that there are so many things that we can learn from if we were to apply the same dedication and principles to life as in surfing.

Surfing – Planning

Surfers are generally good weather men and usually have their finger on the pulse with weather conditions. What direction the wind is coming from, temperatures and where the low pressure systems are are always in the back of our minds. This means that we are always thinking ahead. What beach is going to be the best for those forecasts? If we see a decent swell approaching we like to get ready. Pack the car up, apply a fresh coat of wax and maybe wash out the wetsuit. We are always planning and thinking ahead.

Life – Planning

I’ve never been one for being organised but if we only took the same approach as preparing for a surf, life would be so much better. How many times have you set a goal and never completed it? Nearly every goal you set you deserve to achieve. Diets and loosing weight are the most common goals that are not completed. Pay attention to what is going on around you, so you can respond accordingly. Plan out for the future. Things like preparing your meals or making arrangements to meet a training partner so you’re held accountable will make for an good life.

Surfing – It’s Hard Work

Now you’ve prepared for you surf you are at the waters edges ready to catch a few waves. The water feels cold on your toes but that doesn’t last long as you dive into the shallows and start paddling for the horizon. The hard work starts now as you know as soon as you reach the line up you’ll be in position to ride the first wave of the session.

Lifestyle – It’s Hard Work

When your grandparents said there’s no such thing as a free ride they were right. There are a lot of formulas out there that contribute towards success but at the core of all them is Hard Work. If you prepare to put in the blood, sweat and tears you’ll be well on the way to success. It’s still not guaranteed and just like the waves sometimes it’s not easy.

Surfing – Falling off Is Pat Of The Journey

What people underestimate about surfing is the length of time it takes to learn. Unless you are super talented you will not be getting to your feet first time. One of the fundamental parts of learning to surf is falling off otherwise known as “wiping out!” Even the pro’s still fall off, in surfing, I’ll put my house on it that every single surfer (no exceptions) has had a wipe out! This doesn’t mean you have failed it means that you are making progress. In fact it can even be a lot of fun if you get your mindset in the right space. Wiping out on larger waves can be dangerous so you need to prepare for that and is a whole new blog post.

Life – No Such Thing As Failure

Making mistakes is the best way to learn something new or practice something that you have been doing for years. Another word for making mistakes is “Experience”. I believe that in reality there is no such thing as failure, we just learn that that particular thing or action doesn’t work. Tip: Don’t do it again, learn from it.

Surfing – Stoke

Surf stoke is a real thing and it’s been scientifically proved. All the endorphins caused by the thrill of surfing gives you a sense of happiness and satisfaction afterwards. This is something I talk about a lot on my SurfPeople Podcast. After successfully surfing a wave to the beach you are so excited that you can’t wait to get back out and do it again. Then all the hard work starts again. It gets easier though as the times you surf your body adapts to the physical requirements needed to surf for a few hours. I liken it to me playing football. Surfing keeps me in shape but I could not run around a football field for 80 – 90 minutes with out a lot of training before hand. The same goes for a footballer, they would be able to surf for a few hours with becoming completely exhausted.

Life – Achievement

The sense of achievement can really lift your spirits but to be consistent you still have to carry on working hard. Because if you don’t you will think that you got lucky and your mindset will tell you that you are not successful. If something doesn’t work you really need to take a step back, focus and start again. I know it’s not always easy but it’s not meant to be. The harder and longer you work the easier it will be.

Surfing – Fun, Relaxing And A Distraction

Every time time I go for a surf I maybe physically tired but my mind is sharp as a tack. It’s quite often where most of my best ideas are dreamt of. My energy levels increase and I get a real sense of slowing down and seeing things from another perspective. This is another element of Surf Stoke.

Life – See Above And Go Surfing!