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008 Franziska Iseli – Just Be Awesome

In this episode I talk to Franziska Iseli on how she uses surfing in her life to "Be Awesome." I love the saying "Be Awesome" so much I may even use as SurfPeople's mantra. Franziska is a woman of many talents and loves building new business and helping others to...

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002 Craig Parry | Ocean Photographer And Surfer

Let me introduce you to Craig Parry. He's an amazing photographer and keen surfer. I have been lucky enough to talk to him about his photography and surfing adventures. Craig is completely self taught which the seeds of his professional photography were well planted...

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001 Darren Finkelstein, The Boat Guy

Well I’ve finally done it. My very 1st SurfPeople podcast. The SurfPeople podcast is all about surfing and living a fun, balanced lifestyle. I interview cool (surf)-people who live a successful balanced life and love surfing. I give you tips on how to change your way...

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