Surfing Books
When the surf is flat or you are just relaxing on the beach apart from listening for my SurfPeople Podcast I recommend these 11 surfing books that you should check out.

If you’re interested in learning the history and culture of surfing, sitting down with a book is probably the best choice for you. Usually these books cover a wide range of topics such as surfer heritage, alternative lifestyles, classic surfboards, surfing memoirs, and the science of waves. Here are the best 11 surfing books you should check out first:

These surfing books are in no particular order as I believe they’re all as good as each other for their own reasons:

  1. The World Stormrider Guide One, Two & Three:  This series of books covers everything you want to know about surfing, such as: wave theories, surfing spots, advice, maps, directions, etc. The tips mentioned in this book are enough to fill you confidence.
  2. Barbarian Surfing Days: This book is written by William Finnegan who has previously been nominated for a National Magazine Award. This book is guaranteed to bring a special meaning to surfing. It includes topics, such as history and evolution of surfing and surfboard designs and transition.
  3. Soul Surfer Story: Based on a true story, this book acts as a true motivation for everyone who is trying to improve their surfing skills. The story mentioned in this book is about a 13 year old girl who lost her arm due to a shark attack.
  4. The Life of Michael Peterson: This book is written by Sean Doherty and it basically consists of Michael Peterson’s life experiences.  It is packed with amazing stories that are all focused on surfing.
  5. Some Day – Mick Fanning: This book is written by Will Swanton and as the name indicates, it’s based on Mick fanning’s life and his surfing experiences. This book includes jaw dropping photographs from Chile, Australia, Tahiti, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, and France.
  6. Surf Your Life – Mick Fanning: This is another book based on Mick Fanning’s experience. This time however, it’s written by a different author named Tim Baker. This book is a great inspirational piece for personal development.
  7. Pipe Dreams – Kelly Slater: This book is about Kelly Slater who has been a world surfing champion 6 times. This book describes how Kelly got into the world of surfing and everything he has been through to reach where he is today.
  8. Force Nature Mind Course – Laird Hamilton: This 260 page book works as a mental boost for many people. It not only offers motivational tips, but also covers the topics of bringing positive changes and living a healthy life.
  9. Stoked – Inspiring story about courage, determination and the power of dreams: This book is written by Chris Bertish and it tells the underdog story of a skinny little kid from Cape Town. This book tells us how he managed to travel around the world and beat many of the world’s highest paid surfers in a competition.
  10. Encyclopedia Of Surfing: This book is written by Matt Warshaw and its considered to be one of the best books ever published about surfing. No matter if you’re a die-hard fan of surfing or just a casual admirer, it basically covers everything you’ll ever want to know about surfing.
  11. The History of Surfing: As the name mentions, this book by Matt Warshaw is focused on the history of surfing. Although it’s a massive 495 pages, it doesn’t fail to keep the readers engaged from page 1 till the end.