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I don’t know about you but I don’t believe we should strive for a Balanced Life. It should be Un-balanced! I want my days spent surfing as much as possible and working as little as possible. That’s not balanced. Living a balanced life would mean that I spend half the time working and an equal amount of time living or in my case surfing.

Sure, having a rest or catching up on sleep can be enjoyable but is that really a Balanced Lifestyle? Add to that your boss asking you to work more hours with the promise of over time your life quickly becomes un-balanced, with the scales tipping the wrong way.

You’ve probably heard of The Pareto Principle or some people call it the 80 20 rule. In simple terms the principle means that 80% of your outcomes comes from 20% of your effort. Whilst this isn’t an exact science it’s been proved many times over. A quick Google search can reveal many examples where the 80 20 rule can be found.

So if you could surf for 80% of your time with only 20% work why wouldn’t you?

So lets put this into perspective. Imagine working just 1.4 days (20% of a week) a week and earn enough money to not on live but thrive.

Since I lost my business this is a quest that I’m on and I’ve been looking for the fundamental elements to live an Un-balanced life. Being happy is probably a really good start because if you love what you do and are happy it doesn’t feel like work or effort.

The Basic Elements To Start Living An Un-balanced Life:

  • Be happy and love what you do
  • Set goals and plan
  • Maintain positivity
  • Understand there are no failures

The above list sounds straightforward but how many of you, can you say you follow everyday. I can hear some people already questioning this list and they will be asking, “Achieving all them doesn’t pay the rent” and you’d be right. A great saying to sum this up is “Money Isn’t Everything But It’s Like Oxygen, We Need It!”

Then when you have set you goals, approach them positively, understand that you don’t or will not fail you will 100% succeed.

There are thousands of people all over the world who achieved this and I plan to be next. If you want to follow my journey as I discover new tips and hints I would love to share them with so you can learn too.

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Stay safe and keep on surfing.