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There isn’t a lot of surf here in Ballina today but a bit of swell is due tomorrow, so fingers crossed. In the mean time I was watching the Australian Boardriders Battle held at Cronulla where the surf was also rubbish but when you stick a couple of decent surfers in the water they always make it look better.

Then I saw something that really made me smile and reminded me why I just love surfing.

It was 9 year old Sabre Norris from Merewether Surfboard Club.

Sabre Norris

9 year old surfer Sabre Norris

I think they the commentators were saying she was the youngest surfer and was representing the the Merewether Surfboard Club in the team event.

The image of this tiny 9 year old being towered over by her opposition whilst waiting for her team-mate to have his wave and tag her so she could surf, really made me smile. She was up against professional surfers from all over the country. The yellow surfing jersey was more like a long sleeve rash vest and as she ran down the beach it was flapping in the wind so hard I thought she was going to take off.  What a feeling must of been for her.

The waves were just to much for her to get out the back, but it was amazing to see her giving it 100%, well done Merewether Surfboard Club.

Boardriders clubs are the heart and soul of Australian surfing communities with a club at most beaches around Australia and it was very enjoyable to watch.



  1. George Wilson says

    Not sure if we should be encouraging this one. Sabre and her sister Socke train 24/7 for skating and surfing. They have never attended school – they are home schooled. Is this what surfing is about – training ‘robot’ surfers from the day they are born?

    • Surferlee says

      mmm…if they are being forced to surf against their will that’s obviously not too cool but it didn’t appear to be like that. My opinion is that sometimes school isn’t for everybody and if they are doing something they love then good on them (and the parents). During an interview Sabre seemed well spoken and educated. Not sure I agree with them being ‘robot’ surfers as surfing is far from robotic even in the professional arena. If the sisters are to be the best in the Australia/ world and they enjoy what they are doing I’d be happy to see more of it. As for the true meaning of surfing, I think that professional surfing and free surfing both have there merits it’s just a matter of preference. Thanks for your comment.

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